Mandzukic Puts Bayern Munchen over Greuther Furth with a 2 – 0 Win

Mario Mandzukic brought Bayern Munchen to a 2 – 0 win against the last place Greuther Furth at Allianz Arena on Saturday January 19th. Mandzukic was the only person to put goals on the scoreboard, scoring one goal in each half. These two goals put Mandzukic’s total for the season at 11, making him the new leader in the goal column.

In the beginning of the match, Bayern Munchen looked a little rusty. Coming off a long winter break, Bayern Munchen took a little time to warm back up. Mandzukic finally struck in the middle of the first half at the 26 minute mark. The ball had hit Furth’s goalie, Wolfgang Hesl, on the hands but bounced back behind him into the goal. Before Mandzukic’s goal, Bayern had control of possession but could not hit the back of the net.

At the 31 minute mark, Furth’s Abdul Baba got a yellow card for hitting Ribery in the face. This was not the only yellow card, since Bayern’s Martinez drew a yellow card for causing a hard tackle at the 44 minute mark.

After the first half, Bayern Munchen controlled possession for a majority of the time. Greuther Furth could not even get control in the penalty box. Bayern Munchen also had the lead in the corner kicks with a 9:0 lead. This goes to show how much possession time the away team had during that first half.

During the second half, Greuther Furth put up a better fight, playing better defensively and moving the ball quicker. For playing against the best team in the league, they held their ground very well and had a bit more possession time.

Although Furth was putting up a better fight, it did not harm Mandzukic and his team. Mandzukic scored the ball with a header off a corner kick on the 60 minute mark. This goal secured the win for Bayern Munchen.

Bayern felt comfortable enough with their 2-0 lead, they substituted one of their leading scorers, Thomas Muller, at 68’. At the 84’ mark, leading scorer Mandzukic was substituted for Mario Gomez.

This game was mainly one-sided, since Bayern Munchen had control of the possession for 77% of the time. However, Furth had put up a good fight by playing better defense through the second half. Wesl kept the ball out of the net by having a couple saves, but also the team had put pressure on the players to ensure the ball would stay away from the net. Furth’s defense however could not compare to Munchen’s defensive plays. Dante played defense really well and kept the ball away from the net.

This win for Bayern Munchen keeps them in the lead of the Bundesliga by a comfortable 9 point lead. Furth, however, is still at the bottom of the table and still in the relegation zone.


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