Leading Goal Scorer Messi brings Barcelona to a Win

Tonight’s match-up between FC Barcelona and Osasuna was dominated by one name known by the entire Barcelona community: Lionel Messi. Messi added four goals to his season’s total, making his new total 33.

Osasuna started up looking like they might have a slight chance in this game, playing great defense and trying to control the ball. However, it did not take long for the goal shots to start for FC Barcelona. At the 3 minute mark, Thiago put up a shot but Osasuna goalie Andres Moreno stopped the ball.

It wasn’t long after that though when Messi actually put the ball in the net. 10 minutes had passed by before Messi had faked out Moreno and walked the ball passed him to put it in, putting Barcelona up 1 – 0.

At the 17 minute mark, Osasuna looked like they were going downhill. Alejandro Arribas Garrido had touched the ball deliberately, which caused the referee to pull out the first yellow card. Six minutes later, Osasuna struck back by scoring a goal, tying the game 1 – 1. Raoul Lee put up the only points for his team by kicking the ball past Barcelona goalie Victor Valdes.

Once the 26th minute hit, Osasuna started to suffer when they lost Arribas to a red card. He was given a second yellow card for illegal touching of the ball again, and the referee pulled out the only red card of the match on Arribas. This put Osasuna down to 10 men for the rest of the match, and they never seemed to recover from there.

Messi was given the penalty kick at the 27 minute mark for Arribas’ red card, and he put it past Moreno. This gave Barcelona a 2 – 1 lead, and Barcelona lead from there on out.

Once the 39 minute mark hit, Pedro scored for Barcelona giving them a 3 – 1 lead going into halftime.  Not only did Barcelona have control of the scoreboard, they had control of pretty much every other category. From corner kicks to possession time, FC Barcelona started to look like themselves once again.

Messi got his hat trick on the 55 minute mark. This hat trick went to show that Messi maybe isn’t injured as bad as he was, even though there were talks of him resting for this match. Messi had to put another on the board two minutes later. His four goals tonight put him as the top scorer in the league for the night as well.

After this win and Athletico Madrid’s loss, Barcelona is in first place by 11 points once again. Barcelona has a very comfortable lead even over the third place, leading Real Madrid by 15 points. Osasuna, however, still remains in the relegation zone. They are only 2 points out of 16th place.


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